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While the majority of our family and friends know our story about how Chestin proposed, there are even more people that have no clue.  Many people come to this site from YouTube after watching the video and want to get, as Paul Harvey would’ve said, “the rest of the story.”

Well, here it is:

After having dated for roughly 8 months, both Sharon and I knew that things were heading in the direction of marriage.  We’d had more than a few DTR conversations (better known as ‘defining the relationship’), knew what we were looking for in a spouse and and had decided that each other pretty much what we were looking for.

creative marriage proposals

In other words, it was just a matter of time before we saw ourselves married so we agreed that there was really no sense in putting off the inevitable.  Once the decision was made, we figured there was no sense in dragging things out so a date was set and we started working on pulling together a wedding within a few short weeks (about 7 to be exact).

As soon as we’d made the decision to get married and a date had been set, we started the stressful process of planning the whole affair.  (Okay, okay…we all know that Sharon was doing all the work and I was just there for moral support.)

As she was meeting with the various wedding vendors making plans and signing contracts for the big day, one of the questions that was always asked with excitement and anticipation was, “how did he propose?”

Unfortunately, since there hadn’t yet been an official proposal yet, her response of “he hasn’t yet” was quickly followed by something about the required, non-refundable deposit.

Needless to say, I knew that I needed to make the proposal something extra-special and as I was thinking about what to do, I reflected on the previous eight months we’d spent together, all the amazing adventures we’d already had together, and all the great memories we’d already created.

I also thought about how every Friday night with the kids was ‘movie night’ and so creating some type of movie proposal seemed like the perfect plan.  It was a great way to commemorate our many adventures AND include the kids, something that I wanted to do since they would be affected by the decision and had been a part of some of several of our adventures.

Fortunately, actually creating the video was quite easy.  Delivering the proposal proved to be quite the opposite.

The original plan was to start movie night as usual, but when that night’s movie started to play, it would be the proposal video instead.  I figured we’d all watch the short movie together and then when it was over I’d get on one knee and pop ‘the question’ right there in front of the kids.

Unfortunately, the custom made ring I’d ordered was taking longer than expected and wasn’t finished in time to carry out the original plan.

Onto Plan B

I hadn’t told her Sharon about my ‘movie night’ plan, but I also knew that time was getting short.  When I found out that the ring wouldn’t be there in time to carry out the original plan, I called and found out that the new expected delivery date would be Wednesday or Thursday of the following week.

At this point Sharon was becoming anxious about the whole thing. It had been at least 3 weeks of her telling everyone she was getting married and then immediately following that up by saying she hadn’t officially been proposed to yet.

The very next weekend, she was scheduled to go out of town for work and I’d promised her at the beginning of the week that she would have a ring before she left on Friday afternoon.  With it being Father’s Day that upcoming Sunday, she was taking me out to dinner on Thursday evening to celebrate and I’d hinted at the idea that I’d be proposing that night.  Big mistake.

By the time Thursday rolled around, Sharon was more than a little excited, but I was just the opposite.  The ring hadn’t arrived yet and I was in a panic knowing just how disappointed she’d be if she didn’t get the ring that night.

We’d planned for me to meet her at her apartment after she got home from work, around 6pm, and then we’d go to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  Well, the mail typically came in the late afternoon and to my dismay, when it came there was no priority package (I ordered a custom ring and the jeweler was sending it priority, certified mail).

Once I realized it wasn’t coming via the regular delivery, I quickly got on the phone to the jeweler to figure out where it was at.  Sadly, the ring had arrived at the mail station, but it hadn’t gone out for delivery and wouldn’t be going out until the next day.

Totally DisappointedUgh. Now I needed to call Sharon and deliver the bad news.  Little did I know just how bad that bad news would turn out to be.

Apparently, she’d gotten up that day assuming she would be going to bed officially engaged.  As a result, she showed up to work in a skirt, hair all done up, and makeup applied, quite a change from her typical work day casual attire and hastily done makeup and hair.

When I called Sharon, she answered the phone with an excitement in her voice that made me sick to my stomach.  I took a deep breath and then delivered the news that I knew would not be received well.  She thought I was joking around as usual, but the tone in my voice let her know that she wasn’t quite so lucky this time.

After delivering the bad news, but knowing we were still going out for dinner I went made the especially long and painful drive to pick her up for dinner.  From the moment I saw her, I could tell it would be a long nite.

We drove to the restaurant in utter silence and to be honest, that was really the best part of the evening.  When the waitress showed up to take our drink order, I’m certain she could sense the fact that we be a long, painful evening for us all.

All through dinner Sharon was a combination of silence and tears as her disappointment was really settling in. I tried my best to reassure her that she would have her ring before she left for her trip the next day, but at that point, I still had no idea how exactly that would happen.

The only smile she cracked all night long was when she called her good friend Russell to let him know she was getting married (in spite not being engaged yet) and he made some comment that somehow coaxed a smile.  I was happy to see if, but felt like a total heel for not being the one to produce it.

Plan C to the Rescue

As we drove home, the total letdown of the night firmly settled over our mode my mind went into over-drive, trying to figure out how to make the proposal happen in a way that would A) make up for her disappointment, and B) be something totally memorable.

Suddenly, I had a flash of brilliance and knew exactly what I needed to do to.

The moment we got back to her apartment I went to GoDaddy and registered the domain name Then after saying goodnight to a tearful Sharon and trying to reassure her that I would make it up to her, I headed home to whip up a quick website to host the video.

Next, I uploaded the video to YouTube, finished up a pretty ugly website that was little more than this video embedded into the page, and then headed to bed to get ready for what would finally turn out to be a the big day.

BridezillaNow, because of my phone call the previous day to the jeweler I knew the ring was being delivered that day so during my lunch break I rushed home to get the ring. The postal lady had already arrived and left a notice saying I could “pick up the package tomorrow after 10:30am”, but I absolutely HAD to have it so I raced around the neighborhood looking for her car.

After about 15 minutes of zipping through the neighborhood, I finally found her and signed for the package. I quickly opened the package to check the ring and as I’d hoped, it looked GORGEOUS, so it was on to phase II of the plan.

With the ring FINALLY in hand I rushed off to Sharon’s work to give her the ring she’d waited so patiently for. She worked on the other side of Charlotte so I broke all speed limits racing to get there and then pulled into the parking lot in a space where she wouldn’t see me if she looked outside.

After taking a moment to catch my breath, I called her to ‘check in’ before she headed off for her trip.  Just as I’d planned, she thought I was taking a quick break from work, but little did she know I was right outside her window.

We chatted for a few minutes about the disaster that was the night before, the fact that she’d been Bridezilla all day and that she’d rather spend the weekend with the kids and I instead of heading off to babysit a bunch of adults for the weekend.

As we started to say our goodbyes I told her I that I wanted her to check something out before she left and asked her to go to to

I heard her typing the URL and then after a short pause she asked, “What’s this?”

I told her to hit ‘Play’ and to tell me what she was seeing. I stood right outside her window as she gave me the play-by-play of the first few minutes of the video. However, about halfway through she’d stopped telling me what she was watching and I knew my plan was finally coming together.

When I figured there were only a few minutes left, I walked in the door and saw her at her desk with big alligator tears rolling down her cheeks. She looked up at and through big ol’ tears and asked in a broken voice, ‘What’re you doing!?!”

I knelt beside her desk and watched the last minute or so of the video with her. When it was over she turned to me, tears still streaming down her face and I took her hand, looked into her eyes and told her that I loved her, more than I ever thought possible to love someone and that I couldn’t imagine ever being without her.

I then popped open the lid to the jewelry box I had and asked her if she’d be my wife. She held out her hand as she said, ‘Yes.’

Needless to say, I think ‘Plan C’ was a big hit. Throughout the entire process she was constantly trying to figure out how I was going to propose and thought she had it all figured out. Then of course there was the huge disappointment of the night before, but when it finally did happen…..I’d like to think it was even better than she ever thought it could be.

If you haven’t already seen the video, here it is:

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