Getting Back Into The Blogging Groove…Again

by chestin on July 4, 2011

So, I’d planned to do a whole lot better job of blogging consistently in 2011, but as you can see, I’ve failed miserably thus far.  Fortunately, I have another 6 months to repent of my laziness and do a much better job.

2011 has been a pretty exciting year for us thus far and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  A quick recap of some of this year’s highlights include:

An early-morning view from the beach house.
  • We found out in April that we’ll be adding to the family later this year. We’re expecting a little boy in mid-November and we couldn’t be more excited about it.Once the excitement wore off, we quickly realized that we’d have to eventually name the little man and thank goodness we still have a few more months to decide on a name because we’ll need every bit of time available.
  • Sharon’s partnered up with another gal in her real estate office to form Real Estate Carolina Group and they’ve been tearing it up ever since. While real estate overall continues to be more down than up, the Fort Mill SC real estate market has been pretty active and they’ve really had a great year.
  • My business has shifted focus slightly from helping local businesses market themselves better, we’re now focused on marketing for dentists and dental specialist.  It’s been a slower than hoped for transition, but the results and clients are starting to come and the second half of 2011 and beyond is looking very promising.
  • The little girl graduated from 5th grade a few months ago and is looking forward to middle school.  She enjoyed her focus on art and was in the school’s musical theater presentation.  She’s really looking forward to turning 12 in a few months so she can graduate from Primary and join the Young Women’s organization. I also setup a blog for her for Christmas and even though she’s been as consistent as I have, she enjoys working on it when she gets a chance.
  • The little man continues to keep us all on our toes and keeps us wondering what he’d do without some type of electronic device.  He got his Bear badge in Cub Scouts earlier this year and is working on the rest of his badges so he can move up to Boy Scouts in another year.  He’s super-excited about having a little brother to pick on and we’re excited to watch him with his little bro.
  • We spent a week at the beach about a month ago with some very good friends and had an amazing time being totally lazy. The houses we stayed at were right on the beach so it was pretty much wake up, walk out the beach, hang out in the sun, sand, and surf all day, go to bed, and then start it all over.  Needless to say, it was a much needed and very enjoyable week.

Overall, we’ve been incredibly blessed in 2011 and we’re excited about what the rest of this year will bring. It hasn’t all been a big party, but we recognize that the ups and downs are a part of life and we’re trying to enjoy the ride as much as possible.

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